Step inside to experience how you can launch a product virtually instead of at an industry trade show. Tam Communications has been creating virtual/digital content for decades and are reupping our focus on this area of our expertise. Let’s explore how we can help you take an upcoming event (trade show, product launch, user conference or employee meeting) into the virtual world.

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Date Title Topic Speaker(s)
TBD Introducing mJoule featuring Moxi and BBL mJoule & Moxi Doug & Daryl
TBD Introducing mJoule featuring Moxi and BBL mJoule & Moxi Doug & Daryl
TBD Introducing mJoule featuring Moxi and BBL mJoule & Moxi Doug & Daryl
TBD Synergistic treatments Moxi & BBL Moxi & BBL Tanzi & Swengel
TBD Why Moxi - panel discussion Moxi Tanzi, Pozner, Swengel, Robb, Sherif
 Instagram Live featuring Dr. Bharti and Dr. Kortesis
INSTAGRAM LIVE | Adjusting Business Practices in a Time of Uncertainty
4/7 at 9 am PT
Join Sciton and doctors Bharti and Kortesis for a live Q&A on how to adjust your aesthetic business’s practices and marketing strategies in a time of uncertainty. Hear first hand from two physicans how they are navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business operations. 
 Webinar featuring Dr. Griffin
VIRTUAL ZOOM | HALO® Body Treatments
4/7 at 11 am PT
HALO is an excellent option for aesthetic improvement of non-facial skin, however extra care and precautions need to be taken when treating areas below the jawline. Join Dr. Griffin, Jr. for a live discussion on techniques and considerations to help maximize results while minimizing adverse outcomes. 
 Webinar featuring Dr. Campo Voegeli
VIRTUAL ZOOM | Preparing For The Future Of Aesthetic Medicine
4/9 at 1 pm PT 4/13 at 8 am PT
Dr. Campo will be joining us live from Barcelona, Spain for a discussion on how to navigate through these uncertain times and prepare to emerge stronger. He will also share pearls & treatments available through Sciton’s Joule Platform – the most advanced vascular solution. 
 ForeverClear BBL Practice Support
PRACTICE SUPPORT  Do You See a Lot of Acne Patients in Your Practice?
Offer your patients a light-based solution to treat acne and have them be acne free in just a few treatments. Check out our resources to help you become an expert and then market your new skills in getting rid of your patients acne with the speed of light.
 Sciton Blog
BLOG | Can Selfies and Social Media Build Your Skin Treatment Practice?
One thing is clear, more and more patients are citing social media as a major influence on their decision to pursue a cosmetic procedure. Read our latest blog about the increasingly important role of social media in patient marketing and how HALO® can create positive buzz for your practice.

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